CBCS Financial & Credit Management


Prompt Cash came about following the demands of our customers for a fast

user friendly,effective and inexpensive web-based resource for 

submission and collection of your business debts. 

All you have to do is choose your debtors for collection and submit. We do 

everything else...

To Submit

1) Download Debtor Submission Worksheet 

2) Complete the worksheet with your debts for collection and SAVE..

3) Complete the Client information on the Debtor Submission page

4) Upload your saved Debtor Submission worksheet *

5) Decide which type of letter you want to send

6) Provide us with any further relevant information in the Further Info box

7) Click Submit

We use a stage letter cycle to chase your debt. The FIRST, a gentle polite reminder, the SECOND 

issued 7 days later, a polite reminder, but with the suggestion that failure to pay could lead to 

unspecified action and the THIRD letter, the final demand again after 7 days, giving a deadline for 

payment, against which further action will be taken if payment is not received.



The Cost

LETTER 1 -  DAY  1    £10

• LETTER 2 -  DAY  8    £10

• LETTER 3 -  DAY 15   £10    (FINAL DEMAND)

• COURT SUMMONS     £25 + COURT FEES (additional set up costs may apply)

You can choose to submit debts for a letter cycle or go straight to the Final Demand or Court summons.  All debt values are charged at the same letter price.

Our letters are designed to be informative, but polite. Accuracy is paramount and we will tailor are letter content and length of cycle to your requirements.

If your debtor contacts us following our letter, our trained collectors will respond politely and professionally. These are your customers and we want them to stay that way.

We offer a full suite of debt collection and credit management services dependent on your requirements. We have a vast wealth of experience in credit management, debt collection and sales ledger management techniques. We have a proven track record of prompt and efficient customer service and because we are small,we can still tailor our services to you, to ensure that your customers pay and then come back to you for more business.